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Nicorette Microtab is a nicotine replacement therapy in the form a sublingual – meaning it is placed under the tongue and allowed to dissolve. It used when you are trying to quit smoking or when trying to cut down the number of cigarettes you are smoking each day. Nicorette microtabs are used in a three-step programme, where you aim to cut down the number of microtabs which will reduce your reliance on nicotine on your way to quitting smoking.Active Ingredient
Nicotine 2 mg
Drug Warning
Diabetics should monitor sugar levels more frequently when using this product as it may alter insulin requirements.
Seek medical advice if you have been using this product for more than 9 months.
Suitability criteria
Light and Heavy Smokers
You should place the microtab under your tongue., and allow it to slowly dissolve.
This will take around 30 minutes, and will slowly release nicotine, which you will absorb through the lining of your mouth.
One microtab to be used every hour
Two microtabs every hour.
Most people take between 8 to 24 microtabs per day.
You should not use more than 40 microtabs per day
of the programme, you should set a date to quit smoking.
use either 1 or 2 microtabs every hour to relieve cravings, up to a maximum of 12 weeks.
you should start reducng the number of microtabs you are using. Once you only need one or two per day, you should aim to stop completely.
Other Ingredients
ß-cyclodextrin, crospovidone, colloidal silica and magnesium stearate.
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