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Nicotinell mint lozenges are a nicotine replacement therapy which is used to relieve cravings and reduce the withdrawal symptoms you experience when trying to give up smoking. When you suck the lozenge, nicotine is released slowly into your mouth, and is absorbed through your mouth lining. Nicotinell Lozenges should be used In between your smoking periods, in order to prolong the gaps between cigarettes.Drug Warning
Avoid drinking coffee, fizzy drinks, or other acidic drinks for the 15 minutes prior to using the lozenge, as they can decrease the absorption of nicotine.
You should also not eat or drink while sucking the lozenge.
You should consult a medical professional if you are still using lozenges for 9 months.
Diabetics should monitor sugar levels more frequently when using this product as it may alter insulin requirements.
Suitability criteria
Craving Prevention
Relief aid
1mg lozenges are recommended.
2mg lozenges are advised.
Suck one lozenge when you feel the urge to smoke, generally you should use one every 1 to 2 hours.
Normally 8 to 12 lozenges per day are sufficient, but you should not exceed more than 24 lozenges of the 1mg strength, or 15 of the 2mg strength lozenge in a single day.
You should also not use more than 1 lozenge per hour.
After 3 months you should start to decrease the number of lozenges you are using. The aim is to reduce to 1 – 2 lozenges per day.
You should not be using this longer than 6 months, however, some ex-smokers may need it for longer to avoid returning to smoking.
Other Ingredients
Maltitol (E965), sodium carbonate anhydrous, sodium hydrogen carbonate, polyacrylate, xanthan gum, colloidal anhydrous silica, levomenthol, peppermint oil, aspartame (E951), magnesium stearate.
Other information
If you experience significant side effects from using the 2mg lozenges, you may want to consider using the 1mg lozenge.
If you have previously tried the 1mg lozenges and failed to stop smoking, you would be advised to try the 2mg lozenges.
Sugar Free
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