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Nicotinell Patches 7mg/24hr is a nicotine replacement therapy, designed to release 21mg over a 24 hour period. Nicotinell Patches come in a three-step programme that is designed to supply your body with the correct amount of nicotine depending on how many cigarettes you are currently smoking. The strength of the patches decreases, as you move through the three steps and reduce your nicotine requirements on your way to quitting smoking.Active Ingredient
Nicotine 7 mg per patch
Drug Warning
The Nicotinell Patch programme usually lasts for 3 months. Further treatment rounds can be used, however you should consult a medical professional if you are still using patches after 12 months.
Diabetics should monitor sugar levels more frequently when using this product as it may alter insulin requirements.
Suitability criteria
Light and Heavy Smokers
Nicotinell 7mg/24hr for the final 3 – 4 weeks after Step 2 of the programme.
Nicotinell 7mg/24hr for the final 3 – 4 weeks after Step 2 of the programme.
You should apply the patch each day at roughly the same time (preferably the morning), and leave on for 24 hours.
When applying the patch, ensure to press the patch down firmly for at least 20 seconds – this is important as the adhesive on the patch reacts to pressure.
Other Ingredients
Acrylate esters vinylacetate, copolymers, fractionated coconut oil, methacrylic acid esters co-polymers, aluminised and siliconised polyester films.
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